Andy Gannon

Andy enjoys a varied and fulfilling portfolio career that includes the independent directorships both executive and non-executive of various organisations, a burgeoning reputation for coaching both established and upcoming business leaders, and a rewarding array of pro bono work in the education and related sectors.

He has managed a number of international businesses predominantly in the IT sector both in his executive leadership roles during a distinguished 19-year career within Hewlett Packard,and since. As a talented change manager and organisational designer, Andy has led several breakthrough projects leading to the repositioning of entire businesses resulting in significant improvements in their growth and profitability. Over the last decade alone, he has managed businesses ranging from 10 employees to thousands, and with turnovers from 1.5 million to $1.5 billion.

Building on his consulting and mentoring track record, Andy has been operating as a coach for some years, working with board level executives from clients across many disciplines and markets. Andy is passionate about sharing his experience through executive coaching assignments. He has an excellent reputation as an executive coach in the areas of Leadership, Board Operations, and Professional effectiveness. His assignments are relevant to both established and upcoming business leaders, and are designed to bring about significant changes in business operations and profitability.

Trained and accredited as a professional coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) of which he is a member. The ICF is an international body that plays a leading role in developing the definitions and philosophies of coaching best practice.

Andy has a professional coach supervisor and is coached as an individual.


Based on his many years of business experience Andy now supports business and other organization leaders through mentoring - sharing his insights and experience to help managers navigate through the many challenges of todays business and leadership world.

His assignments support clients in areas such as:

  • Building business vision

  • Development of strategy

  • Team leadership and dynamics

  • Strategy implementation and deployment

  • Culture change and communication


Mentoring is distinct from coaching as it shares with the client the real life business experience of the mentor a valuable resource which Andy gifts with ease.