Pamela Major

Pamela's first career was as a diplomat, living and working overseas - in Beijing, Moscow and Berlin. she got to grips with different cultures and languages and did fascinating work - from negotiations over the future of Hong Kong to reporting on Russia's emergence from its Soviet past.

She combined this with her role as mother of two children, in different ways over the years - working part-time, job-sharing, taking time out and being full-time breadwinner while her partner cared for the children.

The people side of her work always interested her, whether building relationships with colleagues in host governments, managing her staff in Embassies overseas, or during her three jobs in human resources in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London and on secondment to the Equality & Human Rights Commission. She therefore jumped at the chance to specialise in coaching and integrate it into the FCO's learning and development strategy, which she did for three years as Head of Coaching.

Pamela's interest in what motivates and propels human beings served her well as a diplomat but it was also what led her to her career change. She trained as a professional coach and worked as Head of Coaching at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for three years. She then left her job and set up her own business as a life and career coach. Without being coached herself she would never have taken that step. So she knows the power of good coaching.

Pamela spent two years training with the Coaches Training Institute and is  a professional coach accredited to the International Coach Federation.

Pamela specialises in transition of all kinds. In particular she supports people facing multiple changes - in location, job, life circumstances - which impact on one another. Pamela can work with you supportively and creatively to help you:

  • become clear about your goals, ambitions, dreams

  • discover the powerful personal resources you have within you and

  • harness them to bring about the changes you want