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Coaching & Feedback Skills Training

James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

​The key drivers of staff engagement are:


  • A sense of alignment with the organisation, whether culturally or in terms of its mission and purpose

  • Satisfaction from the day-to-day work, including the right amount of ‘stretch’ or challenge

  • The staff member’s relationship with their line manager


Of the three, it’s the last one – the line manager relationship – which has the biggest impact on levels of engagement.  Developing good feedback & communication skills, and the ability to coach your teams to higher levels of motivation, performance and creativity, should therefore be part of the toolkit of any leader or manager.  And the more senior the leader, the greater the leverage – and impact – of deploying these skills successfully.


Our training combines an initial 2 or 3 day classroom module;  a few weeks of structured practice back in the workplace;  and a final one-day module to pull together the learning from that experience and embed the skills. 

Training for Leaders and Managers

The classroom experience is lively and “hands-on”:  lots of coaching practice with your fellow students, observation & feedback, and live demonstrations and discussions of the material that’s being introduced.  Individual exercises emphasise different coaching skills. 


Contact us to find out more.

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