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Image of James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

Our Story

Clear Coaching & Consulting Ltd was founded in 2007 by James Clark.  But the story begins a few years earlier, in 2000, with James’s first experience of coaching.  At the time he was in his first board-level role;  and he decided to work with a coach to support him in rising to the challenge.  The experience proved so transformational – personally as well as professionally – that he decided to train as a coach himself and bring the same benefits to others.


After qualifying in 2005 James first worked to define and implement good coaching practice in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).  In parallel, he enjoyed a successful diplomatic career, including periods living and working in the US, Luxembourg (as British Ambassador), Germany, Belgium and Egypt, as well as in the UK.  It didn’t take long, however, for the moment of clarity to arrive:  James realised he was finding so much meaning and enjoyment in supporting his clients’ growth and development – and that he had a gift for it – he knew he had to make the shift and focus on it full-time.  In early 2010, he left the diplomatic service and moved home to the UK to devote himself to the expanding business.

At Clear, we work in close partnership with Aligned Action International.  Together we offer a full spectrum of learning & development services and access to a worldwide network of expert coaches and consultants.  Whether you’re looking for executive or team coaching, leadership development and training, or training, support and professional development for coaches, we can create a bespoke solution just for you

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