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Team Coaching
James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

Team coaching is a powerful intervention for senior teams.  It focuses on strategic development and behavioural dynamics.  It is particularly effective for organisations wanting to shift their organisational culture; for high-performing teams going through change; and for newly-formed teams or teams where new members have recently joined.


Team coaching differs from traditional team building or awayday-style events in that it works on the specific areas of team behaviour, collective emotional intelligence, team dynamics or culture which emerge from the diagnostic process and from the coaching as the key issues for that particular team at that moment; we work “in the moment”.

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Why Team Coaching?

The purpose of team coaching is to improve team performance and effectiveness in both the short and the long term.  There is no “off-the-shelf” team coaching programme; like one-to-one executive coaching, it’s a bespoke intervention.  However team coaching does typically enable teams to:


  • Build trust in each other and in the team

  • Have the conversations that need to be had

  • Develop a clear sense of shared purpose

  • Develop clarity of vision, mission, and top priorities

  • Learn to operate more strategically, rather than fire-fighting

  • Communicate more effectively throughout the organisation

How do I know if it's right for my team?

Team coaching is a powerful intervention requiring high levels of commitment and performance.  Not all teams are fully ready for the challenge.  Answering this question is one of the aims of the thorough diagnostic process through which we take teams before planning the initial Team Breakthrough Day.  The diagnostic phase is also an opportunity for you to establish clearly what it is that you want from the process; and what return on investment you expect.

Contact us to find out more about the process, and whether it’s right for your team.

"Clear Coaching was selected by our Leadership Team to deliver Coaching and Feedback skills to our Senior and Middle Managers as a key part of our culture change journey.  A tremendous success for the company and individuals; the bespoke modules were designed and delivered by Clear Coaching to an extremely high standard and exceeded expectations in the resultant behaviour change in managers. 


A highly credible expert in his field James is also warm and empathetic enabling learners of all levels to understand and practice this key management skill in a supportive and professional environment.

Clear Coaching also provided coaching to the individuals in the Leadership Team which was also a great success both for the individual and the team. 


I highly recommend James and Clear Coaching to leaders and organisations."

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