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Coach Supervision
James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

Why supervision …?


Supervision is – or should be – an essential part of any coach’s continuous professional development.  Providing a link between theory and practice, supervision allows the coach to continually learn from their experience, and so grow in skill.  It also allows them to feel supported, and confident that they are working to high professional and ethical standards. 


For organisations commissioning coaching services, providing their coaches with supervision increases the impact and focus of the coaching; ensures rising standards of quality and consistency; and allows organisational learning, in the form of common themes and issues which might be coming up in the many different coaching conversations that are happening in different parts of the organisation.

What is Supervision ...?

Supervision provides a space for the coach to reflect, with a more experienced coach, on the work that they’re doing; and to learn from their experience.  The aim of supervision is to support the coach in his or her development, in order that the client and the sponsoring organisation are better supported as a result. 


Like coaching, supervision is a partnership of equals; of peers.  But the supervisor will have received specific training in supervising coaches; and, in general, will be more experienced than the coach they are supporting.  Most researchers suggest that supervision has three main functions:


  • ensures professional & ethical standards are being met; and the organisation’s objectives are kept in view, and in appropriate balance with the client’s

  • focuses on how the coach is coaching.  What can they learn from their recent experiences?  How can they apply those insights to become more skilled, and better serve their clients?

  • coaching is intense work.  Is the coach paying sufficient attention to their own needs, so that they remain resilient and well-resourced enough to be effective?


Clear offers one-to-one and group supervision for both internal and external coaches.  Our supervision team – in addition to being highly-experienced supervisors – are also themselves all experienced coaches, coach-trainers, and mentors.  All hold International Coach Federation (ICF) credentials of at least Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level; and work to the ICF’s Code of Ethics and their Core Competency Framework

What are the benefits of supervision ...?

The main benefits that coaches report from being in regular supervision include:


  • Reflecting on experience and learning from it

  • Continuous growth in effectiveness and confidence

  • Confidence that they’re operating ethically and professionally

  • Feeling supported; not alone with any dilemmas or challenges


For organisations commissioning coaching services, the benefits include:


  • Quality assurance, consistency, and rising standards

  • Confidence that the organisation’s needs and objectives have the appropriate place in the coaching

  • Creating the possibility for organisational learning, in the form of common themes or issues which may be arising in many different coaching conversations around the organisation

  • Feeling confident that their coaches (particularly their internal coaches) are well-supported; and minimising risk of unprofessional or unethical practice


Coaching is a big investment for many organisations.  Providing supervision support for your coaching team will increase its focus and impact; delivering greater systemic value, and ensuring you make the best possible return on your investment.


Whether you’re a buyer or organiser of coaching services, or an individual coach looking for supervision or mentor-coaching support, contact us to find out more information about how we could help you.


To find out more about the training and support we provide for internal coaches click here.  To find out about our ICF-accredited coach training programmes for professional coaches, click here.

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