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Training Services
James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

At Clear, we create high-quality training where experience is your ‘teacher’. 


As early as the 1990’s, research by Morgan McCall and his colleagues at the Centre for Creative Leadership established the much-referenced 70:20:10 framework for professional learning and development.  The numbers in the framework express the optimal relationship between the three different types of learning – experiential, social, and formal – when you want to go beyond an intellectual understanding of useful new skills and behaviours, and really get them ‘into the muscle’.





Learning & Development

The classroom experience is lively and “hands-on”:  lots of coaching practice with your fellow students, observation & feedback, and live demonstrations and discussions of the material that’s being introduced.  Individual exercises emphasise different coaching skills.   Read more

To support you in building or improving your internal coaching capacity, we offer a tailored mix of training, continuing professional development (CPD), coach supervision and mentor coaching.  We can also, if desired, take an active role in the management of the programme, including coach assessment.   Read more

The Aligned Action International  ICF-Accredited Coach Training Programme, delivered by Clear Coaching, is a comprehensive coach training course that prepares the student to enter the profession as a certified coach.  This training is also chosen by many people who want to learn excellent coaching skills   Read more

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