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Joyce Hastings - PCC

Joyce has found that coaching and training is a natural culmination of the many skills she has honed throughout her career.  During twenty successful years working in Government institutions and subsequently running her own business, she realised there must be an easier and more elegant way to succeed.  Mastering NLP and Coaching transformed her way of working with both individuals and businesses.  Joyce is energised by the positive results a coaching framework provides when working with individuals and within a group setting.  Equally she is always impressed by the huge benefits a good coaching approach can achieve within an organisation.

Joyce has worked within organisations to radically redesign and reposition them using a coaching framework to support their development. She has completely transformed the training materials and methods of implementation within organisations, overcoming issues of change management, allaying initial scepticism and improving profit margins.  Joyce has also worked within government body’s to train and deliver a framework to support best practice.  Joyces own personal experience of coaching enabled her to create a supportive environment where her clients feel safe to challenge their issues.

Joyce is a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is also an NLP Master practitioner and a qualified NLP coach.


In all Joyces coaching sessions she likes to balance challenge with humour, without ever losing sight of the main objectives of the coaching or training. 

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