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James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

It takes clarity to create change, Clear Coaching helps create that clarity … both about where you’re starting from, and where you’d like to go.


We’ve all experienced those unexpected moments when the world around us suddenly becomes crystal clear, and our choices spring into focus.  Our fast-paced lives make experiencing such clarity a rare thing, we sometimes get caught up in doing and succeeding without taking the time to understand how we got where we are; and where we want to go next.

This is where coaching comes in.  Whether you’ve hit a bump in the road, reached a crossroads, or have a mountain to climb, Clear Coaching provides space for focus, reflection, and decision; for turning insight into action.  As client, you choose the focus for the conversation.  The coach listens – with a quality of attention we rarely get to experience – and contributes observations and questions, helping you to unlock your own thought processes, re-discover your creativity, and establish a clear sense of direction.  The coach will both challenge and support you, helping you keep on track as you progress.

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Executive Coaching - Who can benefit?

It’s possible for anyone to benefit from coaching.  In committing to coaching, you create a space and time “off the pitch” to review, reflect, learn, and plan.  What makes it special, however, is that it’s a space that’s shared with a professional who will ensure you use that time to maximum advantage.


We’re on solid ground in saying anyone can benefit.  Firstly, all of our coaches have experienced its transformative power for themselves.  Between us, we’ve worked with clients of all ages, and at different career stages.  And our clients have brought an impressive diversity of goals and challenges to the coaching, and been delighted with their progress.


Creating a space and time “off the pitch” to review, reflect, learn and plan would be a precious enough gift in itself.  How often do we allow that for ourselves?  And how much benefit do we notice on those rare occasions that we do?  But coaching is more than just an empty space; or a space to unload.  It’s a structured conversation.  And each conversation fits into the larger structure of a coaching relationship which – typically – lasts for several months, allowing you not only to make, but also fully to embed, the changes that you want.


What gives coaching its power, however, is that you opt to work with a professional who is trained to ensure that you use the time to maximum advantage.  Coaches are skilled listeners, certainly; and will give you feedback and ask you questions designed to make you think.  The ‘set-apart’ feel of the coaching space also makes it a great place for honesty, creativity and strategy. 


But beyond the coach’s skill, or the benefits of a confidential space, is the fact that it’s a professional relationship.  Unlike a colleague, friend or mentor, your coach has no personal agenda.  Our first job is to help you clarify what your agenda is; then we align ourselves with your agenda.  And we hold your feet to the fire as you move towards your goal, and help you adjust course when necessary.  Coaching is a partnership, and each one is different.  The two parties – coach and client – design the partnership together, according to your and your organisation’s needs. 

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