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What people say about us

Head of Talent and Learning

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with James over the last 12 months. He has provided team coaching for a number of directorates always to a high standard which have resolved conflict and helped to create shared values.


James also acts as the coach for our high potential programme and the supervisor for our internal coaching network. He has recently facilitated action learning sets as part of our Leadership Development Programme which have received stellar feedback scores.  James is an excellent coach and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services."

"James is an excellent coach who has helped me to transition to a new role with new responsibilities. His style is to be supportive and to offer constructive criticism: reflecting back; offering insight; detached objectivity.

I have just completed a series of coaching sessions with James and as a result I feel better prepared and able to face future - and current - challenges in a way that ensures I get the best from myself and the people I work with.

I don't hesitate to recommend him. "

Chief of Staff

"James became my executive coach shortly after I started a new job. He supported me in taking on a bigger and more complex leadership task than I had faced before. We also worked on driving up my motivation to be and do the best I can at work. This was extremely helpful during a time where I was challenged to provide leadership through uncertainty and crisis in the organisation I worked for.

I really appreciate James's versatility as a coach. On the one hand he has the ability and experience to provide really practical advice on things like time management, giving feedback, handling difficult meetings and so on. On the other hand he is able to work with me on my very personal motivational factors and longer term life goals and connect them back to my work and career. (I sometimes only half-jokingly refer to him as my life coach rather than executive coach.)

I would definitely recommend working with James for anyone who wants to see how raising energy levels and personal wellbeing can increase professional performance and motivation."

Director - Civil Service

James introduced me to NLP and Coaching, when I was going through a very difficult time and really couldn't see wood for trees.  He is a very talented coach, and has a clear simple and generous approach that encourages trust; and he's not afraid to laugh at me (which works wonders).

Publisher & Lecturer

I've made a leap!  After a year, I'm doing pretty much what my development plan said I wanted to be doing in ten years time.

Civil Service Future Leader

I received coaching from James as part of my agency’s internal talent management scheme for G6/7s. I can honestly say that the monthly coaching sessions were the most valuable part of the programme. James helped me understand my own behaviour and motivations in a way that was nothing short of transformational.


I really appreciated James’ style, having been a senior civil servant he really understands the culture, work and context we all operate in. James is warm, patient and encouraging and importantly he will enable you to make significant changes to your work life.

Head of Dept

Chief Operating Officer

"I worked closely with James as part of my leadership development programme. I had never had a professional coach before, and entered it with both enthusiasm and some trepidation.

James quickly put me at ease in my first session and to my amazement had me talking about me, something that I didn't easily do previously. I was very much in the driving seat, setting my own goals.

I found James supportive, inquisitive, challenging and overall just very easy to talk to. He gave me the courage to try things and to explore who I really am and what was holding me back in the work environment. This, from someone who believed that he was sorted and had no issues to resolve!

I was sad when my coaching ended as I grew very fond of James.  I know that I will continue to develop with the courage that James has given me to try things - it is never as bad as it seems!

I can recommend James without exception."

Head of HR

"Clear Coaching was selected by our Leadership Team to deliver Coaching and Feedback skills to our Senior and Middle Managers as a key part of our culture change journey.  A tremendous success for the company and individuals; the bespoke modules were designed and delivered by Clear Coaching to an extremely high standard and exceeded expectations in the resultant behaviour change in managers. 


A highly credible expert in his field James is also warm and empathetic enabling learners of all levels to understand and practice this key management skill in a supportive and professional environment.

Clear Coaching also provided coaching to the individuals in the Leadership Team which was also a great success both for the individual and the team. 


I highly recommend James and Clear Coaching to leaders and organisations."

Speaking Engagement Feedback

Powerful speaker … good communicator … someone who’s excellent at networking. One Senator’s chief of staff told a recent visitor that “there’s been no one anywhere close to James and the Consulate team [in terms of impact on Climate Change] in Chicago"

"I found James Clark inspirational. Finding someone who has worked at the highest level to be so down to earth, and so willing to share. I would have  loved to have heard more about his career, it was fascinating."

"They loved your integrity, your honesty and your ability to flex as the discussion flexed. Those that thought it was a slow start were quickly converted with the breadth and depth of what you covered. We really enjoyed having you share with us."

"James, your name came up as one of the guests they most enjoyed, I thought I should share that very positive endorsement."

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