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Training and Support for Internal Coaches 

James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting

​Increasingly, organisations are realising the benefits of building up internal coaching capacity to complement the service provided by external executive coaches.  Internal coaches typically devote a proportion of their work time to providing structured coaching to colleagues from different parts of the organisation to the one they themselves work in.  Appropriately trained and supported, internal coaches can bring tremendous value not just to their individual coaching clients, but also – by spreading a coaching culture and allowing for organisational learning – to the wider organisation too.


To support you in building or improving your internal coaching capacity, we offer a tailored mix of training, continuing professional development (CPD), coach supervision and mentor coaching.  We can also, if desired, take an active role in the management of the programme, including coach assessment and matching; gathering and analysing feedback;  and keeping the organisation updated on common themes or issues, while maintaining the confidentiality of individual coaching clients.


Our training is practical and experiential.  To allow time for hands-on practice, it’s structured similarly to the Coaching & Feedback Skills Training for Leaders.  But the material is more in-depth;  and includes issues such as supervision, professional ethics, and how to handle the potential conflicts of interest internal coaches can face.  The training combines an initial three-day classroom module;  a few weeks of structured practice back in the workplace;  and a final two-day module to pull together the learning from that experience and embed the skills.


The classroom experience is lively and “hands-on”:  lots of coaching practice with your fellow students, observation & feedback, and live demonstrations and discussions of the material that’s being introduced.  Individual exercises emphasise different coaching skills, tools and models.


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) we offer for internal coaches is tailored to each organisation’s needs;  but can combine a mix of further one-day or half-day thematic training modules, masterclasses, supervised mentor-coaching groups, action learning sets, and individual or group supervision.


Click here to find out more about coach supervision, and why it’s important.  Or contact us to discuss your organisation’s needs and how we might be able to help.


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