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The Aligned Action International  ICF-Accredited Coach Training Programme is a comprehensive coach training course that prepares the student to enter the profession as a certified coach. 


The 10–day programme will take place at a Central London location.  Delivered in partnership with Clear Coaching, People Untapped, and Aligned Action, the course will provide the approved coach-specific training hours you need to apply for membership of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and for the ICF’s ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential. 


The ICF is the largest professional organisation for coaches, with over 10,000 coaches worldwide holding ICF credentials. The ICF conduct rigorous assessment of training standards, and ‘Accredited Coach Training Programme’ (ACTP) is the highest of the three standards for their coach training accreditation (see for more information).

However, not everyone wants to be a full-time professional coach!  This training is also chosen by many people who want to learn excellent coaching skills to a professional level, and use them in their current occupation (or in their lives outside work).  These students come from diverse professions in roles as leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers, counsellors, artists … and many more!


Our models and perspectives centre on self-leadership.  Choice and responsibility are recurring themes.   The classroom experience is very lively and “hands-on”; with live demonstrations and discussions of new material that’s being introduced, and lots of coaching practice, observation & feedback, and live demonstrations and discussions of the material that’s being introduced.  Individual exercises emphasise different ICF core competences.   


Too often we try to bully ourselves to stir up motivation for what we brand as “good for us”.  Aligned Action coaching asks that the client (and coach) move from a mindset of self-control or self-management to one of self-leadership.  With this shift, life takes on a richer quality of choice and a profound sense of freedom. 


We take a thoughtful approach to action;  taking action not for its own sake, but only when it is aligned with who we are and what we want for the world.   The training helps you find this alignment for yourself through the opportunities for reflection it presents …  and through the many coaching exercises where you will be in the role of client! 


Another key element of our coaching philosophy is the concept of partnership;  and this is mirrored in the programme itself, which is brought to you in partnership between:




  • Helen Hambleton ACC, Managing Director of People Untapped Ltd, which sponsors the programme and provides the bespoke blended learning platform and other resources to support course participants

Structure & Content

The course is divided into two intensive (but fun …!) five-day modules.   In Module A, James leads participants through the following areas:


  • Day 1 – Art & Craft:  this includes definitions of coaching;  “contracting” and expectation-setting between coach and client;  building trust;  and developing deep listening


  • Day 2 – Alignment:  this day’s focus is on finding alignment at a number of different levels, including alignment with professional ethics & standards and – most importantly – alignment within yourself.  Students also get back to basics by exploring the roots of coaching


  • Day 3 – Discovery:   on day 3 students focus on skills that will help their coaching clients clarify “what is?”:  where are they starting from?  The skill focus for this day is on asking powerful questions, and providing challenge as well as support.  Tools and materials for a first (‘discovery’) session with a client provide a structure for the day


  • Day 4 – Outcomes:  on day 4, students move on from “What is?” to “What wants to be …?”  What does the coachee want?  Again, appropriate tools and materials are introduced to facilitate these coaching conversations.  Students learn to work with dreams, plans, habits … and learn to align with the client’s agenda, and hold back from imposing their own hopes and ideas


  • Day 5 – Into Action:   on the final day of Module A, students practice moving clients from insight into action;  keeping them focused and on-track;  reviewing progress, and bringing a coaching engagement to a conclusion


Between Module A and Module B, students have the opportunity to practice their coaching and get feedback from assigned coaching partners (they are also encouraged to find their own volunteers to coach) so that they return to Module B with some real-world practical experience … and lots of questions to be answered during Module B! 

Also in Module B, students have the opportunity to dive deeper, using a map and compass as a metaphor for their journey – as James leads them through the following areas:

  • Day 6 – Locating:  Picking up the concept of self-leadership, day 6’s coaching exercises help students gain insight into how to support clients on their coaching journeys by setting out on a journey themselves:  locating where they are on the ‘map’ at the moment, and where they want to get to.  We also examine how learning works, and how to ‘pace’ your clients

  • Day 7 – Connections:  today’s focus is on tuning in to the client’s language, noticing patterns & themes, and also what’s not being said.  We practice listening with intuition, and helping clients to re-frame their experience and widen the choices they can perceive


  • Day 8 – Alchemy:  on day 8, we dive further under the surface of language to explore the ‘invisible rules’ – the often-unspoken assumptions and beliefs (and the tensions between them) which shape our clients’ – and our own – choices and actions.  We also work with limiting beliefs and learn how to turn them into gold …


  • Day 9 – The road to happiness:  the tools and materials students work with on day 9 fall into two areas:  firstly, helping our clients to lift their eyes to the horizon, widen their thinking, and define what their biggest dream would be;  what 100% would look (and feel, and sound) like for them.  Secondly, helping them shift some of the obstacles – the hard stuff – that appear to block their ‘road to happiness’


  • Day 10 – The End / The Beginning:   on the final day, students learn to help clients assess their progress and think about “where next?” by reflecting on their own maps and on the journey they’ve taken, and integrating the learning from both modules.  We also explore “where next?” by focusing on how to build a practice, and creating a ‘verbal business card’ summarising your own personal approach to coaching

James Clark, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting


 Mod A: 20th-24th Sept 2021
 Mod B:   7th-10th Feb 2022  


Other Services
Another key element of our coaching philosophy is the concept of partnership;  and this is mirrored in the programme itself, which is brought to you in partnership between:   Jan Elfline MCC, who created the Aligned Action International programme, and who continues to support and supervise its delivery around the world   James Clark PCC, Managing Director of Clear Coaching & Consulting Ltd and an inspirational and internationally-respected executive coach, coach trainer and supervisor, who leads the delivery of the programme   Helen Hambleton ACC, Managing Director of People Untapped Ltd, which sponsors the programme and provides the bespoke blended learning platform and other resources to support course participants

Images :  Taken at the DanskNLP Institut Copenhagen where James regularly delivers an Aligned Action Programme course

Course Resources
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